Day 3– Chia it’s not just for pets… and pssst this one gives back!

Day 3 and I have discovered Mama Chia! I came upon this purchase for purpose quite by accident. I found this bottle on the shelf at the store and it was filled with little seeds. I picked up the Coconut Mango and it was delicious! The next time I see it I pick up both the Coconut Mango and a Cherry Lime. As I am drinking I start sleepily read the back label on the bottle out of boredom as much as anything. I learn how good chia is for your body and all that it offers. Then I read that they give back 1% to help the planet! They are a founding member of Slow Money, USDA Organic, 1% for the planet members, Certified B Corporation, Gluten Free and Vegan!! Applaud here 🙂 for more info on this find. btl-coconut-lg


Thank you for your comment!! Little Bird :-)

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