Day 6 – Starbucks–Thats right Starbucks has a shining “Star”

Day 6 – I know… I know YOU love your Starbucks! For you die hard Starbucks fans we have the 2 blends for you!!

Fair Trade Certified ™ Cafè Estima Blend®

Fair Trade Certified ™ Italian Roast

Price found at the website states:

$13.95 for Estima
1 lb

$11.95 for the Italian Roast option

Starbucks pulled this from our local stores but it is available and in stock online at

Get it while it’s hot!!! Better yet– everyone demand it–request it and let’s bring it back as a drive through option. THIS is how you create a MOVEMENT for change. This is business 101 Supply in DEMAND. If you ask for it–if demand is there…. so will the products. AND that is a movement that this Little Bird Loves….


Thank you for your comment!! Little Bird :-)

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