Day 7– is straight from Heaven 100% of your purchase!!

Day 7  Today I am featuring  This one of my very best finds so far in this journey.  A favorite with A List celebrities, this jewelry will have you looking red carpet ready.  They also have a wide range of prices to meet every budget.  It will be hard to beat a site with beautiful jewelry and 100% of your of the purchase price goes to the charity of your choice!!!  I think I had to read it twice to let it soak in!  As I am starting my company and with it in it’s infancy…… this blows my mind!  As a business person selling for 17 years, I am dumbfounded!  How does this company do it!!!????  Can LittleBird loves… do that?!!  What does that business model look like?  These are quality items and all you do it pick a piece, select ANY ANY ANYYYY non-profit, and they will add the non-profit to their list. I love this concept.  This jewelry is sold online and in retail locations across the US.  It was first found 10 years ago at Bergdorf Goodman in New York.  This is not low end mass produced goods.  These collections feature either one of a kind pieces or “more affordable Silver Lining collection” with fun youthful selections that are sure to be conversation starters.  Yet another great way to spread the word and start the movement to purchase with purpose.  SO check out Joan Horning!!  You will love what you see.  You will be giving back, purchasing with purpose and making a difference!!!  Little Bird Loves…. Joan Horning jewelry.




Credit where Credit is Due: as well as images from the Joan Horning Facebook page


Thank you for your comment!! Little Bird :-)

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