WALK THIS WAY!! Contact us for your pair of Blu Kicks

Blu Kicks Spring 2013

Blue Kicks Spring 2013 Mens

Who doesn’t love to play a little hookie now and then (just kidding boss man 🙂 ). Now you can feel like you are playing hookie every day. Little Bird loves is now carrying Blu Kicks!!! I have posted images and could go on forever!! These shoes look great- feel great– great quality and wear. They are unique and of course they GIVE BACK! Once again, you can make a difference by simply purchasing these shoes. They give back to ocean conservation and we ALWAYS give back 10% of every purchase! If you would like YOUR purchase to go to a particular charitable organization let us know!! Little Bird is always open to suggestions!

Blu Kicks gets it’s inspriation from the sea life they protect. The bottom of the shoe has an image of the sea dweller is represents- the back a splash of color reflecting that image. Think — Van’s –meets Tom’s meets RED.org. Reviews have been outstanding and we have had a lot of excitment and anticipation around this line! Slip a pair on! These shoes make me excited just looking at them!!

Let us know what you think! littlebirdloves.com or littlebirdlovesmail@gmail.com
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