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Blu Kicks Spring 2013

Blue Kicks Spring 2013 Mens

Who doesn’t love to play a little hookie now and then (just kidding boss man ūüôā ). Now you can feel like you are playing hookie every day. Little Bird loves is now carrying Blu Kicks!!! I have posted images and could go on forever!! These shoes look great- feel great– great quality and wear. They are unique and of course they GIVE BACK! Once again, you can make a difference by simply purchasing these shoes. They give back to ocean conservation and we ALWAYS give back 10% of every purchase! If you would like YOUR purchase to go to a particular charitable organization let us know!! Little Bird is always open to suggestions!

Blu Kicks gets it’s inspriation from the sea life they protect. The bottom of the shoe has an image of the sea dweller is represents- the back a splash of color reflecting that image. Think — Van’s –meets Tom’s meets RED.org. Reviews have been outstanding and we have had a lot of excitment and anticipation around this line! Slip a pair on! These shoes make me excited just looking at them!!

Let us know what you think! littlebirdloves.com or littlebirdlovesmail@gmail.com
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Day 6 – Starbucks–Thats right Starbucks has a shining “Star”

Day 6 – I know… I know YOU love your Starbucks! For you die hard Starbucks fans we have the 2 blends for you!!

Fair Trade Certified ‚ĄĘ Caf√® Estima Blend¬ģ

Fair Trade Certified ‚ĄĘ Italian Roast

Price found at the Starbucks.com website states:

$13.95 for Estima
1 lb

$11.95 for the Italian Roast option

Starbucks pulled this from our local stores but it is available and in stock online at starbucks.com

Get it while it’s hot!!! Better yet– everyone demand it–request it and let’s bring it back as a drive through option. THIS is how you create a MOVEMENT for change. This is business 101 Supply in DEMAND. If you ask for it–if demand is there…. so will the products. AND that is a movement that this Little Bird Loves….

Day 1 – valentines chocolate bar – Fair Trade Love

First day_ Valentines Day and we think about all those we love and all the sweetness in our lives. Here are a few facts I learned about this holiday that first started in a romantic nature in the High middle ages. In the 15th century it formed the tradition as we know it to include love letters, confections and Flowers. I love this holiday …. I love anything that changes our focus on showing our appreciation and adoration to those we love. “St. Valentine’s Day began as a liturgical celebration of one or more early Christian saints named Valentinus. The most popular martyrology associated with Saint Valentine was that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire; during his imprisonment, he is said to have healed the daughter of his jailer Asterius. Legend states that before his execution he wrote her a letter “from your Valentine” as a farewell” ** This makes me think of many of our artisans that marriage ceremonies seem like unreachable dreams due to the costs associated. There are so many I hope we reach still suffering in religious or other forms of persecution and suffering. Valentines, as you know, is also day one of the 365 day challenge to purchase with purpose! So we are starting in honor of Valentines Day with Chocolate!!!!!! This holiday seems to celebrate chocolate second only to love! ūüėČ

Product 1 is Sweetriot’s Pure 70% Dark Chocolate bar. I do not normally purchase dark chocolate so I was very pleased to report I LOVED it! It was so good! Our 8 year old son and his friend both loved it to so its officially Mom tested and Kid approved as well! I purchased it at Central Market by HEB grocery store so very easy to pick it up! It was a little costly almost 3 dollars but you are getting a great tasting bar and the assurance that you are purchasing this sweetness for a purpose. I read the back of the chocolate bar and found the company to be a kindred spirit – sharing my heart for creating a company that gives back. I have posted their story in the picture below. So 3 hearts for our first product and cuspids arrow has certainly hit us finding a like minded company in sweetriot!



Credit where Credit is due…
** Wikipedia

365 Days of Fair Trade and Purchasing with Purpose

Tomorrow is Valentines Day—- and the perfect day to launch a campaign to focus on things we love!! ¬†My family of course but also the causes we are passionate about. ¬†So starting tomorrow I am starting 365 days of purchasing with purpose! ¬†I hope you will join me for the journey!!

Did the purchases you made today help or hurt? ¬†Did they help feed the hungry, save the planet, to educate? ¬†Does what you purchase today change lives for the better? ¬†If not, WHY? ¬†Am I saying everything you purchase HAS to be fair trade? ¬†No…….but what if and why NOT?!!!

Do we not realize that what we purchase makes an impact one way or the other? ¬†Do we not care? ¬†Do we just not know where to start or think it would be too difficult? ¬†I heard someone say recently that what Americans fear most is inconvenience…. so perhaps people think they will have to go way out of their way. ¬†First, I would say we were looking at the mother who is hungry and considering giving up their child most of us would do anything to help. Having said that, I get that we are busy people in a microwave society. ¬†We have kids, I understand how precious¬†our time is.

As we start this journey, I yearn to do more, to make choices everyday that help others. ¬†TO BE THE CHANGE we want to see in the world. ¬†I love that companies like RED, ONE.org ¬†and Tom’s have raised the bar and brought much-needed awareness. ¬†They have helped light the way. ¬†Do I know if I can do it? NO– I hope I can but I also like that I don’t know. ¬†I am like many others out there that want it but just don’t know where to start first. ¬†Like most of you– I tend to purchase the items and brands my family purchased with out even thinking about it. ¬†I challenge you to just start¬†to retrain out brains. ¬†The next time you shop look for fair trade items or other items that GIVE back. ¬†You will be surprised at how accessible they are with very little effort. ¬†Once you start consciously looking for these products you will be surprised how easy it is!

I won’t ask the flock to purchase something I haven’t used or tried myself. So I won’t ask you to do something I haven’t done myself. ¬†Starting on Valentines day I start the challenge– to purchase and review a product for you all every day for a year. 365 days to go. ¬†If I can do it — you can do it! ¬†I hope you will join me along the way. ¬†As always, if you find some MUST HAVE items let me know!


1) Goal:  Start a Movement Рto purchase with purpose!!!

2) Demonstrate to others and myself that anyone can do this!  That what we do today has a tangible effect on others.  Open my eyes and yours to the possibility.  To purchase and review at least one product a day for a full year that is fair trade or gives back.

Good night all— Tomorrow we begin again. ¬†I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring and all we will discover along the way.