Day 5 – One Mango Tree- One for Purchase with Purpose!

TunicOne Mango Tree

Today is Day 5! I found a sale item at this light tunic is perfect for a beach cover up and if you have a summer like ours a great top for warm weather. It is very versatile and I know I will get a lot of use of it this year. I did have a bit of a hiccup getting it to me but it was the post office not them. It was hand-loomed in Kampala.

A little about One Mango Tree from their site:

“We find talented artisans who are living in some of the most difficult environments in the world – we formed our first group in Northern Uganda, where we saw that the local market had more tailors than food vendors. Our handbag collection gave direction and value to their skills. We started with one woman, Auma Lucy, and began to grow:

# of women trained in our tailoring programs in Northern Uganda. From tailors in Gulu market to women in displacement camps to former combatants and victims, we identified women who most needed employment.

# of women and men we hired when they lost their jobs due to a local factory closing. More than 3,000 women came to Kampala in 2002 to join the apparel industry. When the biggest factory closed, we brought together a small group to continue working – in much better conditions.

We work closely with artisans to hone their skills and create products we know you’ll love. Whether it’s simple sewing, intricate weaving, new dye techniques or state-of-the-art apparel construction, we ensure that our artisans have the skills they need to create beautiful products.

Cut-n-sew training. We provide on-the-job training for our tailors and machine operators for each new product introduced to our line. They are continuously improving their sewing skills, gaining understanding of more complex construction, and improving quality.

Weaving & Dyeing. The art of weaving is almost gone in East Africa. We work closely with our weavers and guide their work – with color selection, design and quality. Tie & dye is indigenous to Uganda – we work with artisans to develop new dyeing skills.

We ensure that our artisans have access to export markets – to sustain not only their livelihoods, but the very survival of their craft work. We do this in three ways – direct sale to customers through our online store, wholesale distribution through our retail partners, and private label work for other brands who are seeking ethical artisan production.

Every dollar we spend shapes our world. We can choose to support ethical manufacturing by refusing to settle for cheap, fast fashion and by seeking a deeper connection to the people who make the things we buy. We work to educate consumers on the importance of this choice and the impact of conscious consumerism”

Greatness– I am inspired by like-minded companies like this.